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Research and Development

Innovation is synonymous with product development at Puritan. This has been especially evident in the last two years with the many exciting product lines added to our already expansive portfolio of products, as represented here on our website.

The recent completion of our new on-site microbiology lab, staffed full time with microbiologists and technologists, allowed us to bring forth options not previously available to the diagnostic and environmental testing markets. The focus of all new products is defined by the needs of our customers. Development begins with a team of engineers, sales and product specialists and often culminates in consultation with experts in the respective fields to make sure we got it right. The results have been unique new products - all of which have created quite a ‘buzz’ in the market with customers and competitors alike. Feedback from customers remains extremely positive.

Utilizing a proprietary manufacturing process, our innovative flocked swabs – HydraFlock® and PurFlock Ultra® have proven to outperform the competition’s time and time again. HydraFlock’s exceptional performance is revolutionizing specimen collection and elution and providing superior results - the first time. A Canadian patent has been received and awarded in the US, with patents pending in several other countries.

To meet the ever increasing need for mandated and preventive environmental surface testing in the food safety industry, Puritan’s design team developed a line of environmental testing swabs - EnviroMax and EnviroMax Plus to provide better sample collection for hard to reach areas. The tube and screw cap design make transporting to the lab easy, safe and reliable. The white foam swab offers visual detection of colormetric changes due to contaminants and the tip shapes offer the ability to reach areas not easily accessible with other test devices. ESK (environmental sampling kits) is an excellent choice for surface testing of smaller areas. It comes complete with a flock or polyester tipped swab and is offered with your choice of 4 fill solutions – however custom filling is also an option.

FDA approved Puritan Liquid Amies and UniTranz-RT™ transport system bring the diagnostics world yet another competitive advantage with state-of-the-art collection and preservation of bacteria and viral specimens. Since introducing in late spring 2012, these transport systems have been evaluated by many labs, clinics and hospitals worldwide, and the results are proving yet again to be the superior choice.

Puritan continues investing in equipment to enhance the quality of all products. Today we offer customization like never before. Whether you need a printed a ring on the swab handle, imprint your company name, or simply need a custom break point to accommodate your device, we can do it and have done it. Custom packaging is always available and you now have the option for custom media filling!

With nearly a century of experience, Puritan uses the knowledge of our industry and applies it to yours. Both existing and potential customers continually seek our guidance and we work closely with them to develop custom devices to meet their exacting standards.

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