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Below are comments from some of our customers who have used both standard and custom Puritan products. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

  • UCLA's Center for Tropical Research

    — Emily Curd, Research Associate, University of California

    The Center for Tropical Research at the University of California, Los Angeles, is sampling migratory birds for the presence of avian influenza in order to determine their role in the dispersion of this disease. It has long been known that wild birds represent a reservoir of avian influenza viruses worldwide, and identifying the specific role that these long-distance travelers play in disease spread is paramount to the team at UCLA. Avian influenza is caused by type A strains of the influenza virus, and most often is confined to avian populations; however, this virus has the potential to cause pandemic flu in human populations. In the interest of public health, UCLA, in conjunction with a network of banding stations across North America, take cloaca and trachea swabs from numerous migratory bird species during each bird-banding season.

    “The customized swab, and more importantly, the team at Puritan who worked with us— starting with our rep—provided us with the perfect sampling tool. And we’re excited to see the results of this research using this swab.”

    “To conduct the sampling we required a swab specifically designed for avian specimen collection. Our Puritan rep worked closely with us and produced a sterile, polyester-tipped swab on a customized .0625-inch diameter aluminum wire. It works perfectly in the field and lab, which is important considering some of the conditions where we’re sampling.”

  • Techco

    — Maggie Aw, Purchasing Manager, Techco

    Techco is an established distributor for the electronics and engineering industries in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. Besides their distribution of prominent brands, Techco also produces their own line of finger cots, solvent dispensers, and wrist straps. Currently, they sell Puritan’s foam and specialty cotton tip applicators.

    “We have created many happy and satisfied customers over the years of distributing high quality products from Puritan Medical Products Company. We are very impressed by their professionalism, quality service, good support and fast solutions whenever need arises. We enjoy being their business partner.”

  • Gen-Probe

    —Lolita Noga, Production Manager, Gen-Probe Corporation

    Gen-Probe manufactures diagnostic products used to test for microorganisms, based on patented DNA probe technology.

    “Since we began our partnership with Puritan, they’ve made us feel like they take a personal interest in supporting our account. They custom-package several swabs for us and make every effort to meet our needs, and they always do it with a positive attitude.”

    “They’re just good people to work with, and their regional representative is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

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