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World Class Products- Limitless Selection
As North America's largest manufacturer of single-use medical products and specimen collection and transport) devices, we are constantly growing and improving our extensive product line. We sell to companies, organizations and trusted distributors throughout America, Canada, and international markets globally.

The Products You Need, The Service You Deserve.
We stand behind the quality and advanced design of our products, and welcome all inquiries and questions. Our team of knowledgeable product specialists are available to recommend the right product, educate about product specs, provide samples, then help you connect with a local distributor to complete your order.

Try Before You Buy
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order. Once we’ve answered all your questions and helped you find the right product for your application, we will be happy to provide you with a sample. When you request a sample, our product representatives will also provide you with a list of distributors in your area, allowing you to place your order as soon as you have tested and verified your requested sample. 

We do not supply samples for personal use. If you are a non-profit organization in need of medical supplies, you may contact us directly to discuss the details of your needs.

Ready to Buy? Find a Distributor
Puritan products can be purchased through one of our distributor partners. For a list of distributors in your industry click the ‘Find a Distributor' button above.


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