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The following links will take you to just a few of our most recent innovations. We are constantly working with our customers out in their markets to add useful, well-designed products to our line. In fact, we created Puritan Diagnostics, a division of Puritan Medical Products, to focus fully on diagnostic needs.

New Line of Enrichment and Transport Medias

Now offering four new prepared microbiology medias.

New Applicator Stick for MALDI-TOF MS Systems

Now offering a new applicator stick to use with MALDI-TOF MS Systems.

Puritan Introduces 12 New Product Offerings!

Puritan is excited to share our new products with you. As an industry innovator, we are always looking for opportunities to expand upon our high-quality product lines in response to the ever-changing needs of our diverse market.

Puritan Updates Labels to Comply with Unique Device Identification (UDI) System

In order to comply with the FDA’s new, mandatory packaging regulation called the Unique Device Identification (UDI) system, Puritan will be updating all packaging and labels with a code which will reflect certain criteria.

A New Name for Our Best Selling Liquid Transport Systems

The popular combination of Puritan liquid Amies medium and HydraFlock® swabs which was formerly known as “Puritan Liquid Amies Transport System” for Aerobic & Fastidious Bacteria, will now be marketed under the new name, Opti-Swab™.

Puritan DM Stick Wound Measurement Device Features Improved Foam Tip!

Here at Puritan, we’re always striving to make our best-selling products even better. That’s why our best-selling Davis-Mangel Stick, better known as the Puritan® DM Stick, will now feature a foam tip that is longer than the original.

Puritan Awarded U.S. Patent for PurFlock® Ultra Flocked Swab Collection Device

Puritan Medical Products, North America’s largest manufacturer of single-use medical products, announced today that it has received a new United States patent for its high-performance PurFlock® Ultra swab, marking the second collection device patent the company has been awarded for flocked swabs since December.

Puritan Diagnostics (a NEW division of Puritan Medical Products)

Puritan responds to market needs with high-quality products. We are tuned into the diagnostic/healthcare world and work hand-in-hand with our customers. By helping you solve challenges, we stay on the leading edge of our industry — creating the best single-use products to assist in reliable specimen collection and accurate diagnoses.

Preanalytic Collection and Transport Systems

Puritan’s Liquid Amies transport systems are designed for superior ease of use and performance in the collection and transport of bacteriological diagnostic specimens.

Puritan UniTranz-RT™ Transport Systems (Universal Transport Medium)

Designed for superior ease of use and performance in the collection and transport of viral diagnostic specimens, our self-contained UTM transport systems deliver effective collection and release of samples.

Puritan Launches New Environmental Sampling Kits

The new Puritan sampling kits - Enviromax®, EnviroMax Plus® and ESK Sampling Kit® - were designed in consultation with the food industry.  The kits are being produced as complete surface-testing kits, in secure tubes and leak-proof caps that block gasification as well as liquid spills that help to ensure testing efficacy.

Puritan Introduces New Patent Pending Flocked Swabs Technology

Puritan Medical Products Co, the leading manufacturer of specialty tip medical/diagnostic swabs and applicators in North America, has announced the introduction of a new line of high performance flocked products.  The new Hydraflock™ and PurFlock™ Ultra swabs.  Both products are patent pending in Europe, and have also been filed in China, Japan, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Puritan Medical Products Completes Expansion of New Microbiology Lab

Puritan Medical Products completes 2010 business plan with the addition of a new microbiology lab in Guilford, Maine.  In June 2010 two experienced microbiologists were hired…

A Contaminant-Free Cuticle Stick for Forensic Use

Every precaution has been taken to keep our new cuticle stick, product 2911, contaminant-free: It’s manufactured in a controlled environment to minimize contact during production.

Puritan DNA-Contamination Tests Lowest in the Industry

Our collection of DNA-free and DNase/RNase-free sampling swabs have been tested by an independent lab. We purposely had this test done to the most stringent standards…

Special Announcements about Puritan’s Anti-static Dissipative Foam, Flocked and Mini-Popule Swabs

Puritan is always launching new products, special services, and state-of-the art manufacturing techniques. Here we share innovative ways some of our customers use our products.

Study Shows Puritan’s Foam Swabs Provide Superior Influenza Detection

A recent study conducted by Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio has concluded that Puritan’s foam swabs outperform flocked swabs for detecting influenza.

Mini-Popule Maximizes DNA Recovery

As published in Forensic Magazine’s February/March 2008 issue, our new mini-popule (25-4660) boosts recovery of trace DNA with its foam head and 91% isopropanol solution inside its hollow shaft.

Flocked Swabs Now Available from Puritan

Now available, we have specialty flock fibers and styles available (like the ones pictured above). We also have nylon flock-tipped swabs - great for collecting cell samples…

New ESD Swabs for Use in Microelectronics and Critical Environments

For those of you interested in cleaning small, confined spaces in microelectronics or other critical environments, we’ve developed electro static dissipative swabs in five of our most popular, critical-environment styles.

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