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EnviroMax 6” Sterile Round Macrofoam Norovirus Detection Swab & Collection Tube - 25-88060 PF UW DRY

Dry Sterile Collection Sampling Swab for Human Norovirus on Surfaces

Brand: EnviroMax
Overall Length: 5.93" (150.6 mm)
Handle: Polypropylene
Tip: Round
Tip Material: Macrofoam
Sterile: Sterile

  • Used for the detection of human norovirus on environmental surfaces using a newly developed protocol by the Center for Disease Control
    to assist in determining the level of environmental contamination during outbreaks
  • Detects viruses when clinical samples are not available and monitors the effectiveness of cleaning practices
  • Convenient dry swab in a collection tube
  • Rigid macrofoam paddle tip
  • Quick-turn-open leak resistant cap
  • Swab securely attached to cap
  • Unwrapped
  • Shelf life - 6 months
  • Made in USA
Packaging: 25/1 (25 individually wrapped systems = 25/cs)
Weight: 2 lbs.
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Other Applications

EnviroMax® & EnviroMax Plus®

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