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Media Transport Systems

Traditional Liquid and Agar Gel Swabs

NEW! You asked - we delivered. Puritan is pleased to announce Opti-Tranz™and Opti-Tranz™ Plus our brand new line of traditional Liquid and Agar gel collection and transport systems for bacteriological applications. Available in a variety of swab tips and handle configurations to accommodate the collection of specimens from various patient sites.

Amies medium is available in liquid format for aerobic culture, or agar gel (with or without charcoal) for aerobic, anaerobic, fastidious bacteria culture and gram staining. Amies with charcoal is used primarily to neutralize the effect of fatty acids in the samples that may be toxic to microorganisms such as Neisseria gonorrhea.

Puritan’s Stuarts medium is available in liquid format, used for aerobic culture and recommended for rapid detection tests.

When you need an added bonus, Opti-Tranz Plus with HydraFlock® offers superior collection and release properties.

Universal Transport Medium

Puritan’s UniTranz-RT™ transport systems are versatile in collecting virus, chlamydia, mycoplasma and ureaplasma samples and remain stable at room temperature. The self-centering cap is leak-proof and facilitates easy swab removal and disposal. Various breakpoints available on the swab handle accommodate different sampling sites – fast, safe and convenient.

Liquid Amies

Puritan Liquid Amies medium and HydraFlock® swab will now be marketed under the new brand name Puritan Opti-Swab™ Collection & Transport System. Our HydraFlock® flocked swab requires no added fiber treatments to enhance collection and viability, unlike competitive products on the market today.The popular combination of superior proprietary patented flocked fiber design with optimized liquid Amies medium warrants the  new Opti-Swab™ name.  Manufactured with emphasis on ease of use and superior performance in the collection and transport of clinically significant bacteria, this unique design also allows for integration with automated and traditional culture methods.

Environmental Surface Sampling

Our environmental surface testing products, EnviroMax® and ESK® were developed in consultation with industry experts in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields to create a reliable environmental surface sampling swab.

The EnviroMax® (dry) and EnviroMax Plus® (pre-moistened) kits have strong, flexible handles, with oversized absorbent foam tips. The inner paddle structure beneath the foam tip facilitates sample collection by getting into hard to reach areas where contaminants may be hidden. The bright white tip facilitates easy visual detection of colorimetric changes that indicate positive test results. Produced as a complete surface-testing kit, the tube and cap are leak-resistant, blocks gasification and prevents liquid spills to ensure testing efficacy.

Each ESK® Sampling Kit utilizes a polyester swab tip, a polypropylene vial with 4 ml or 10 ml filling of Letheen broth, Butterfield solution, Neutralizing Buffer or Buffered Peptone water. Custom filling is also available. The leak-proof tubes and caps with fully integrated handles make testing easier and more reliable.


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