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Green Initiatives

Puritan values our environment and natural resources. When Puritan was established in 1919, we used Northern white birch in the manufacturing of single-use items, and we still use it for many of our wood products today. Our company has long been involved in the stewardship of the woodlands of Northern New England.

For more details about our green initiatives, if you like, you can download a PDF of our brochure, Puritan is getting greener each day!

Here are a few highlights:

Percent of packaging manufacturing facility that runs on renewable energy:

100 Percent

Puritan runs on 100% renewable energy (wood process waste) for all building heat, hot water, and manufacturing.

10 Percent

Puritan runs on purchased electricity generated from 10% renewable energy sources.


Puritan’s wood (chips) waste products are purchased by wood pellet manufacturers.

Recycling programs:

All Paper
Corrugated Cardboard
All Glass
Metal Waste

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