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Custom Medical Products

Why Choose Puritan for Your Custom Medical Product?

Puritan, established in 1919, has evolved to become the premier custom manufacturer for your needs. A registered US FDA Medical Device Manufacturer since 1978, we've become known worldwide as the most trusted manufacturer of swabs. Our winning team includes a well-equipped and staffed formulating lab, state-of-the-art printing capabilities, and a talented R&D team to develop your custom product.

Puritan has experience in all areas of customization, so we can work through these details over a few conversations. Simply tell us what you want to accomplish, and we’ll develop a product configured to your specifications.

You may be thinking about having a single-use device made to your specifications - like swabs, applicators, single-use medical devices, tongue depressors, and more. But where do you begin? First, consider your requirements.

Start Your Customization Project

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How many swabs do you need to complete your product? In general, 100,000 pieces is a good start. Do you need other components, such as a vial filled with a proprietary solution?


How feasible is the project? Here, we'll discuss considerations such as the complexity of your device design, timelines, and your target acquisition cost.


Design services, prototype fabrication, and artwork (for unique markings or packing elements) are a few of the cost elements associated with developing a custom product.

Custom Fill

Does your product require a transport medium? Our on-site microbiology lab is staffed with microbiologists and technologists who will be instrumental in product development.

Medical Product Research + Development

From face-to-face consultations with our engineers to the purchasing of the finest materials to building the prototype that can be commercially produced, you can be sure your concept will be given the attention it deserves.

A fully integrated manufacturer, Puritan has the capability to develop your project from the ground up.

Simply tell us your concept and what you want to accomplish, and we'll help design the perfect product.

We'll provide prototype samples for your review and approval.

Your products will be manufactured in our ISO-certified and CE-mark-registered facility. We can buy or build new machinery required.

OEM Opportunities

A Puritan developed product can be yours - literally.

Custom Labeling and Packaging

Puritan’s state-of-the-art print shop and labeling systems will package your custom device, assuring your brand delivers the highest quality product with pride.

Custom Bar Coding

Bar coding and end-user identifying labeling of your devices is a significant component of customization.

Kit Manufacturer Opportunities

You know your customer and your market, and have designed a kit that meets their needs. Now, you need components as well as kitting services.

Custom Kits Your Way

We can provide specimen collection swabs - with or without a transport medium - labeled and packed in a transport tube and/or wrapped to your specifications.

Customer Service Specialists

A customer service representative will work closely with production scheduling, and coordinate with our professional warehouse staff to assure your product is on the dock for on-time shipment.

Begin the Customization Process

After a preliminary conversation to confirm it makes sense to explore options with you, we'll execute an NDA to guarantee protection of your intellectual property. We look forward to customizing a solution for you!

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