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Puritan - Quality since 1919

PURITAN: 100+ Years of Excellence... and Counting!

No, we didn’t cross the North Atlantic aboard the Mayflower in 1620 with the Puritan pilgrims.

But since 1919, we have reflected and embodied the dedication, honor, and determination of the Puritans. You’ll find these attributes alive and well today in our corner of New England, particularly in the people who make Puritan Medical Products all that we have become over the past 100+ years.

A centennial celebration is hard to come by. If you’re fortunate enough to enjoy one, you have an obligation to share your story. And to lay down a marker as you set out on your next 100-year journey!

Puritan Mission
Lloyd Cartwright, Founder of the Minto
Toothpick & Specialty Company

Our Mission

To manufacture innovative products for the world, using local ingenuity and resources since 1919.

New Englanders that we are, we believe it’s best to let our work speak for itself. If pressed, we’re bound to tell you we strive to manufacture high quality products, sell them at a fair price, and deliver them with customer service that just can’t be beat.

That’s what we’ll tell you. And every word of it’s true. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find there’s more to our mission. A lot more. Truth is, Puritan aims to make a difference. In the lives of customers who use our products to make a diagnosis. To detect a deadly pathogen. To help solve a crime. And to be part of a genetic discovery.

Equally important, we aim to help our people enjoy work and life in the place they love.

Just don’t ask us to talk about all that. Better to let the work speak for itself. Ours just happens to speak volumes.

Serving Customers on all 7 Continents

Who We Serve

We are committed to two distinct and equally important audiences.

Our partner distributors, who ensure their customers have access to the products they need most. They help promote our products and tell our story.

Our end-users. Think professionals who crack open Puritan products knowing they have in their hands reliable, quality single-use tools that will help them do their important work. This includes health professionals, scientists, regulatory and law enforcement agents, research scientists, and technology developers, to name just a few.

Serving Customers on all 7 Continents

What’s in Store

There’s no telling what technology and innovation will bring to the specimen collection device industry. All you can expect of Puritan is what you’ve always known: That Puritan provides the highest quality products at a fair price and with customer service that can’t be beat.

We can’t tell you precisely what form Puritan products will take or how they’ll make life better for the people who use them 50 years or even 100 years from now. (Collecting samples on Mars? Developing cures for cancers? Cleaning the motherboard in your pet robot?)

Regardless, you can bet people will still be turning to Puritan for quality products, fair prices, and the unmatched customer service.

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