History and Timeline of Puritan Medical Products

Our History

In moving forward, it's always good to look back

We’ve seen many changes in our company and in the industries we serve. Some things will never change, like our commitment to quality, our drive to innovate, and our intention to provide the very best service to our customers.


Puritan's earliest beginnings are here.

First, with the establishment of the Minto Toothpick
and Specialty Company and soon thereafter the
change to Hardwood Products Company.


With the introduction of tongue depressors and
aseptic wood applicators, we enter the medical
woodenware market.


The well-known Puritan® brand is trademarked and
all Puritan medical products bear the name and


The rebirth of the company, when a new and
modern manufacturing plant opens for business
following a catastrophic fire.


The decision is made to enter the cotton tipping
and sterile pack market.


Now, an FDA registered medical device


In order to expand the product line further, fiber carding equipment brought online to more efficiently prepare cotton, rayon and polyester fibers to better address the needs of the healthcare industry.


The pilgrim hat is added to the Puritan logo to reflect and embody the dedication, honor and determination of the Puritan pilgrims.


New technology is introduced at Puritan — now
foam tipped applicators are produced for industrial
as well as medical and specimen collection


ISO Certification is achieved, with CE Mark following
in 1998.


The DM™ Wound Measuring device is added to the
line, joining the Popule® as the second patented
product offered.


Hardwood Products Company changes its look and
becomes two affiliated companies — Hardwood
Products Company LLC and Puritan Medical
Products Company LLC.

All operations continue in Guilford, Maine and
remain in the hands of the founding family.


Puritan's Cap-Shure® is introduced, to collect DNA
specimens in the world of forensics.


Puritan’s PurSwab line expands, adding a new array
of specialty swabs for lint-sensitive applications.


DNA collection devices are now offered “free” of
human DNA contamination.


Puritan's patented line of high-performance flocked swabs debuts on the market. PurFlock Ultra ® and HydraFlock ® swabs offer superior collection and extremely rapid release properties. Environmental sampling for the food and drug industries is addressed by the introduction of Puritan EnviroMax ®, EnviroMax Plus ®, and ESK ® Sampling Kit products.


UniTranz-RT® and Opti-Swab® — Puritan’s superior
media for viral and bacterial transport, coupled with
Puritan’s well-established specimen collection swabs,
are launched.


With the addition of traditional transport media
devices, the line is complete — for now.

Manufacturing capabilities are continually
improved and expanded.

Present & Future

Puritan will always be in the forefront, meeting the needs of emerging technologies. Our continuing R&D and facility expansion allows our continued leadership in single-use products for patient care, diagnostics, controlled environments, environmental sampling and forensic and genetics markets.

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