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Puritan Medical Products celebrates 100 years of quality at IAFP’s Annual Meeting

July 17, 2019, | GUILFORD, ME (U.S.) – Puritan Medical Products, LLC, will be joining industry experts at the 2019 IAFP Annual Meeting in Lexington, KY at booth #628. For more than 100 years, Puritan has been recognized as the global leader in the creation and manufacture of innovative swabs and related single-use products. At IAFP they will feature the following products:

  • High-performance, specimen collection devices for environmental testing
  • An expanded array of Puritan’s patented flocked swabs for reliable identification of pathogens – available in dry transport tubes for field work
  • Media transport systems for microbiological specimens. The ESK® line includes commonly requested neutralizing buffer, letheen broth, Butterfield’s solution, and buffered peptone water - all with user-friendly 3” polyester tip swab
  • The large foam tipped EnviroMax® and EnviromaxPlus® applicators, intended for sampling broad surfaces are available both dry and pre-moistened
  • Puritan’s swab designed specifically for testing norovirus – now with a new blue cap

You’ll see many other Puritan items of interest to food safety specialists, from basic wood items like sterile tongue depressors for product sampling to a broad array of familiar sterile fiber and foam-tipped swabs for many applications in your operation and lab.

Puritan will also be celebrating its 100th anniversary at IAFP. Over the many years of its rich history, Puritan evolved from manufacturing a single mint-flavored toothpick to serving more than a dozen market sectors, with a strong focus on the specimen collection industry. They offer, a varied product line that includes basic spun fiber-and foam-tipped applicators, media transport systems, and our patented HydraFlock® and PurFlock Ultra® polyester flock swabs.

Be sure to spend some time at the booth to discuss these products and learn how they may address your special situation.

“Like the world of diagnostics, environmental sampling protocols continue to evolve” stated Timothy Templet, executive vice president of sales. "Puritan responds by continuing to provide products that meet the needs of our customers. Our R&D staff is constantly evaluating market changes and developing innovative new products that are both user-friendly and well aligned with current sampling and processing methods.”

IAFP 2019 will be held from July 21 – July 24th in Lexington, KY. Come visit Puritan in booth #628 to learn more about plans for the next 100 years.

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About Puritan
Puritan Medical Products Co., LLC, is a family-owned American company known worldwide as the trusted manufacturer of single-use products for controlled environments, diagnostics, and specimen collection, environmental, forensics, and genetics, medical, and microbiology media industries. Puritan is FDA-registered and ISO 13485:2016 certified. Their products enhance the ability of its customers to collect, analyze, and transport specimens with the utmost confidence in the products’ integrity. Puritan manufactures all of its patented flock swabs and related products in its Guilford, Maine, USA facility.

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