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IAFP 2014: Sample Puritan’s Food Safety Testing Swabs at Booth 519

Puritan at IAFP 2014 - Food Safety Conference

Puritan Medical Products will be featuring samples and demos of our food safety testing swabs at booth 519 at IAFP 2014 August 3-6.

Widely regarded as the leading food safety conference in the world, the International Association for Food Protection’s annual meeting focuses on global food safety issues and innovative solutions. It also provides an opportunity for top food safety professionals from six continents to learn and network alongside more than 2,800 of their peers.

IAFP 2014: Can't Miss Food Safety Symposia

To help you make the most of IAFP, we’ve put together a list of cant-miss symposia, specifically relevant to food safety testing.

IAFP 2014 Events: Tuesday, August 5th

  • RT9: Debate: Current Perspective in Food Safety
  • RT11: Improving Public Understanding from Farm to Table: Let’s Talk about Food Safety and Food Biotechnology

IAFP 2014 Events: Wednesday, August 6th

  • S40: Striving for a True, Good Safety Culture: Going Past Training to Living
  • S44: Recent Developments in Norovirus Research
  • S49: Equipment and Facility  Contributions in Cases of Foodborne Illness Outbreaks and Recalls

IAFP 2014 Twitter Attendee List

To help you connect with other food safety professionals who’ll be in attendance, we've also put together this Twitter attendee list. Follow them all or subscribe to the list to get in on all IAFP 2014 chatter.

IAFP 2014 Meeting App

We also encourage all attendees to download the official IAFP 2014 meeting app, which will help attendees plan and schedule their educational opportunities, navigate the exhibit space, and learn a little more about speakers and exhibitors. Click the links below for instant access on any device:

Puritan Food Safety Testing Swabs & Transport Devices

Finally, while you’re at it, navigate your way over to booth 519 where Puritan Medical Products will be providing samples, demos and discussions about our most popular food safety testing swabs and transport devices: our EnviroMax® and EnviroMax Plus® lines and our ESK Environmental Sampling Kits.

Want to learn more about which of our products to use for which food safety application? Check out this post on which swabs and transport medium to choose, or contact our knowledgeable product specialists today.

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