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Puritan Introduces 12 New Product Offerings!

Puritan is excited to present some of our newest product offerings! As an industry innovator we are always looking for opportunities to expand upon our high-quality product lines in response to the ever-changing needs of our diverse market. To learn more information on Puritan’s product lines, contact us today!

Flocked Swabs
The latest in specimen collection devices, Puritan’s flocked swabs provide the most efficient collection and elution on the market.  Our newest addition to the flock line has an elongated HydraFlock®  or PurFlock Ultra® flock tip on a polystyrene handle (no breakpoint) and is available sterile or non-sterile.



Cap-Shure products make multi-step specimen collection faster and simpler. The elongated HydraFlock® or PurFlock Ultra® tip on a polystyrene handle, have no breakpoint. The swab comes as a unit in a sterile package, and include an aerated tip protector.

DNA Controlled
Our collection of DNA-Controlled swabs are manufactured in a DNA-Controlled, monitored clean-room environment, ensuring their purity and making them ideal for specimen and evidence sampling.  All products are packaged in reclosable, dry transport tube designed for reliable sample and evidence collection. The patented tube design entails a breathable filter label that covers holes to reduce the risk of bacterial overgrowth during transport.

Popule® Self-Saturating Foam Swab
The self-saturating foam tip of this Popule® swab makes the product convenient and mess-free during sampling and collection of trace DNA.

  • 25-4000: Self-Saturating foam tip with polystyrene handle filled with 2.0mL sterile water

Dry Transport Systems
Puritan’s polypropylene dry transport tubes with our and plug-style, is perfect for specimen collection and transportation to the lab or use in diagnostic kits.

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