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Puritan Solidifies Its Position in Flocked Swab Technology with Two New US Patents

GUILFORD, Maine, March 7/9, 2016/PRNewswire/ -- Puritan Medical Products Co. LLC, an American manufacturer of single­-use medical, diagnostic, forensic and critical environment products for the global market, was awarded two U.S. patents for their HydraFlock® and PurFlock Ultra® swabs, issued March 1 and 8, respectively.

The patent numbers are as follows:

HydraFlock® swab: 9,279,747
PurFlock Ultra® swab: 9,274,029

Puritan’s latest patents cover both flocked product lines and related products, as well as methods of manufacturing and methods of using the products.  Puritan’s previous US Patent numbers (HydraFlock 8,334,134) and (Purflock Ultra 8,420,385) covers additional aspects of the products themselves as well as for the unique manufacturing methods involved.

“The HydraFlock® swab is our high­ performance product and our manufacturing process is unlike any other,” said Puritan Executive Vice President of Sales Timothy Templet. “Specifically engineered for a wide range of biological specimens, HydraFlock®’s unique three­ dimensional microstructure design facilitates greater specimen collection and complete elution."
Templet continued, “the PurFlock Ultra® swab is an ideal choice in flocked swabs with excellent absorption and elution of specimens, and its high purity characteristics make it an ideal swab for sensitive rapid diagnostic tests. PurFlock Ultra® is ideal for PCR, molecular assays, DFA testing, forensic applications, and direct antigen testing.”

Puritan Medical Products has expanded rapidly over the last few years, as a direct result of the company’s effort to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare, forensic, food safety, and drug manufacturing industries. Puritan now manufactures more than 40 types of swabs, which include the PurFlock® and HydraFlock® lines, all of which are manufactured in Guilford, Maine by American workers.

About Puritan
Puritan Medical Products Co., LLC is North America’s largest manufacturer of single-use medical products and diagnostic products. All Puritan products are manufactured at their Guilford, Maine, U.S. facility, which includes custom media manufacturing and compounding capability to meet a multitude of customer needs. Puritan operates a state-of-the-art microbiology laboratory that conforms to stringent U.S. quality system regulations. This lab is where all Puritan’s research and development as well as product testing, approval, and release take place.

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