How to Collect with Our UniTranz-RT® Transport System: How to Collect a Nasopharyngeal Swab Specimen

Learn how to take a nasopharyngeal (NP) swab specimen using a UniTranz-RT® Transport System from Puritan Medical Products. Learn more:

Puritan's UniTranz-RT®, a universal transport medium system, was formerly known as "UTM-RT." We renamed the system to better reflect the quality of our distinct products. The new UniTranz-RT® brand label makes it easier for customers to quickly identify and differentiate Puritan's superior product line. Puritan's UniTranz-RT® universal transport medium system product line has not changed and new validation is not necessary.

Puritan UniTranz-RT® transport systems contain either a PurFlock Ultra® flock swab or a spun polyester tipped swab. Both systems conform to the M40-A Standard "Quality Control of Microbiological Transport System."

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